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The address shown below may be the mailing address for the venue and not the address where the event is being held.
Your venue needs to be a participating facility. If your venue did not provide you with a Venue ID Code, call 1-800-507-8414. You may also try to locate your venue using the search below.
Any event not listed in the eligible activity list does not qualify for the Tulip program.
of ineligible events.

In your selection, include the days required for setup and take down for the event.
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Complete this section only if vendors participating in your event do not carry their own insurance. This coverage offers protection for you should a claim arise as a result of the vendor's negligence.
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How many exhibitors that do not sell products or services?
How many attractions will be there, including performers?
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Animal Acts and Shows
Exotic Animal Shows and Events
Saddle Animals


Boat Shows
Bounce House
DJ / Rave
Evangelistic Faith Healing Meetings
Gun Shows
Hot Air Balloon Rides
Knife Shows
War Games / Reenactments


DJ / Rave
Heavy Metal
Hip Hop
Metal Bands


Health Fairs
Renaissance Fairs/Festivals

Instructional Classes

Drives Education

Mechanical Events

Mechanical Amusement Devices
Mechanical Bulls
Motorized Sporting Events
Roller Coasters/Sky Coasters

Sales Events

Flea Markets
Rummage Sales - Not for Charity
Sidewalk Sales
Swap Meets

Sports and Physical Activities

Bicycle Rallies, Races or Events
Bungee Jumping
Laser Tag
Marathons – Attendance over 500
Motorized Sporting Events
Paint Ball
Professional Sports
Rodeo/Roping Events – Professional
Skate Boarding
Ski Events
Sky Diving
Slam Dancing
Swimming and Pool Facilities
Wall Climbing
Water Events
Water Slides


Film Production
Bounce House
DJ / Rave
Hot Air Balloon Rides
Mosh Pits
Overnight Camping
Overnight Retreats
Gun Shows
Knife Shows
Tractor Pulls
War Games / Reenactments
Political Rallies / Events

Any event not listed in the eligible events list does not qualify for this program. If you have questions about your event, call 1-800-507-8414 (8:30AM - 5:00PM PST M-F).
It appears you have some invalid entries, would you like to correct them now?

It appears you have some invalid entries, would you like to correct them now?